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With Mr. Margenot, you’ll find a dedicated, experienced advocate and advisor. Years of work in such areas as real estate law, estate planning and probates, together with a passion for community and doing what is right, have provided Mr. Margenot with a depth of experience and unique set of skills that serve his clients well.

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Community has always played an important role in Mr. Margenot’s life. As a lifelong resident of Greenwich, Connecticut, Mr. Margenot has seen the power of community to shape and sustain its members from the time he was a young boy. Today, Attorney Margenot demonstrates his love of community through his legal work.


Mr. Margenot’s past accomplishments include stopping mortgage fraud and estate abuse practices; serving as Guardian Ad Litem, Conservator of Person and Estate, Administrator, Executor and Trustee of Estates; Claims Commissioner and Committee of Superior Court; and assisting thousands of clients with their real property, estate and litigation matters.


Mr. Margenot brings a competence and skill honed over years of practice in such areas as real estate law, estate planning and probate and litigation matters. He is a member of the local Bar Associations, as well as the Federal Courts of the District of Connecticut and Southern District of New York.

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